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Have questions? We have answers. If your question isn’t listed below, please reach out to us. 

Why the name “Legacy”?

  Our name carries a lot of meaning behind it. The truth is that none of us are going to be here forever, so what is going to keep on living after we are gone? The answer is the next generation. We believe that it’s our God-given responsibility and joy to leave a legacy of godly leaders who will create generational impact. That’s the model of discipleship that Jesus gave us and it’s our plan for the future of our communities and country.

What makes Legacy's education a "Christian" education?

 It’s true that students at Legacy will be learning many things that the kids in a public school would be learning (spelling, addition & subtraction, reading, etc.) but how they will be taught will be very different!

This is going to look like prayer throughout the day, instruction time for Bible, chapel every week from local pastors, and intentionality of the teachers to design each lesson as a platform to teach about God. There are going to be ways for families to help support this as well through prayer times and volunteer positions! This education is going to be Christian because it is going to be Christ-centered!

Are your teachers actually real, certified teachers?

 You betcha! Our staff is a fantastic team of Nebraska certified, experienced, wonderful, Christian educators. Legacy Christian will also be moving toward ACSI Certification in the near future as we get further along in our paperwork. Be on the lookout for that!

Will lunch be provided at Legacy?

We are unable to provide a hot lunch program at this time. Students will need to provide a sack lunch for themselves Monday-Thursday each week. We can warm food up in the microwave if needed. Lunch will be provided on Fridays for all students and staff. 

Why start a private Christian school?

We want to be really clear in stating that Legacy Christian is not a reaction to being upset with our local public schools. Everyone involved with Legacy is extremely supportive of the many amazing teachers and administrators who work tirelessly to provide our kids with the best education that they can through the public schools. Within our appreciation, we also recognize that the education the public school will not blatantly support Christianity or explain the superiority of a Christian worldview. So, without taking away any due credit from our great local schools, we believe there are enormous benefits in offering another option for high-quality Christian-based education.

Doesn’t a private school steal funding away from our public school?

No, it does not. This is a common misconception, but the reality is that a public school will keep their funding when a family decides to enroll that student in a private school. 

What about the Christian teachers in the public school? Are they not doing a good enough job?

We cannot express enough gratitude and thanks for the incredible men and women who love Jesus and love their students in the public school. Honestly, these people have been making incredible impact and will continue to. We are so grateful that we get to serve along-side them in these communities!

It’s important to remember that adding another option into our communities doesn’t mean that all the other options are bad; it simply means there is always room for improvement, growth, and new approaches. Even within one community there is room for multiple approaches. It takes all kinds of schools filled with all kinds of teachers to effectively reach and teach all kinds of kids. We know that Legacy Christian is not going to be the best option for every family, and that’s ok! In the same way, we recognize that the public-school system and homeschooling might not be the best options for some families. 

We really are looking forward to our growing relationship with the many great educators, schools, and homeschools in our area as we all strive for the same goal of providing great education to these kids in the best environments we can! 

Will transportation be provided by Legacy?

We are always looking at the logistics of starting a bus route. At this time we recommend considering organizing your own carpooling options with other LCS families or using the Phelps County Public Transit for $1 a ride. Students enrolled in the YMCA after school program can receive free transportation to the Y at the end of the day as well.